3/4/1977 – ‘SS inserts.’

Jim loved his time in the studio with his fellow Sesame Street performers. There was no greater joy than singing and joking with his friends while working with his long-time colleague Jon Stone who directed the Muppet inserts. Performing Ernie to Frank Oz’s Bert gave Jim a chance to razz his long-time collaborator through their characters, and appearing as Guy Smiley, the over-the-top game show host, Jim could let go and give a loud-mouthed, very silly performance.

See Jim’s Guy Smiley in action with Frank Oz’s Grover.

Jim’s design for Don Music, using the same Anything puppet as Guy Smiley.

Jim, Frank Oz, and Don Sahlin with Jon Stone on the set of a Sesame Street Muppet insert.

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