1/14/1974 – ‘Orlando – TOUR for ABC – PR Show.’

Jim’s first primetime network Muppet special, The Muppet Valentine Show, was scheduled to air on January 30, 1974. Keeping in mind its potential impact as a pilot for a series, Jim was eager to promote the show. After a week of editing and a January 12th party at his home during which he screened the special, Jim departed for a two week tour, making appearances on television programs around the country. His itinerary included Florida, Washington, Philadelphia, Ohio, and finished in Albuquerque. The effort paid off – the show got big audiences and by mid-March, Jim was meeting with Martin Starger, President of ABC, to discuss a series.

Learn more about The Muppet Valentine Show.

Jim’s journal entry detailing the Valentine Show PR tour itinerary, 1974.

The Muppet Valentine Show promotional poster with artwork by Ted Coconis, 1974.

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