August 23, 2004


Company donates props from upcoming miniseries in appreciation of fans’ support

Hollywood, CA (August 23rd, 2004) – The Jim Henson Company has donated six autographed props used on the set of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars to the fans of Farscape as a thank you for their tireless efforts in making the next chapter in the Farscape saga a reality. The announcement was made today by Brian Henson, director and executive producer of the television event and co-CEO of The Jim Henson Company. Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is scheduled to premiere on the SCI FI Channel on October 17 th 9/8C and the props from the production will be given to the online community at, a grassroots fan website that receives an average of 400,000 hits per day and has been a leader in the campaign to get Farscape back on the air.

Brian Henson said, “It is because of the tireless efforts of the fans that this epic television event is a reality. Your commitment to invite new viewers into Farscape’s universe has been seen around the world. With the airing of the miniseries coming up fast, your support means more now than ever before and I am grateful for the unending dedication you have all shown. Thank you for all you have done to continue the Farscape adventure.”

“We’re honored to have had the opportunity to contribute in some way to the continuation of this excellent story,” says Nina Lumpp, Webmaster at “We’re also deeply humbled that The Jim Henson Company has been so supportive of the fans’ efforts. The gift of these props will mean a great deal to the whole Scaper community and we hope to use in them to encourage fans to stay motivated on spreading the news about Farscape.”

Produced by The Jim Henson Company in association with Hallmark Entertainment, the four-hour miniseries will continue the adventures of astronaut John Crichton and his intergalactic comrades. The original Farscape series aired on SCI FI for four seasons, achieving both critical and ratings success. When the series was cancelled unexpectedly in 2002, fans around the world launched a massive publicity campaign that brought the series to the attention of the key financiers who the came forward to back the miniseries production. Fans have now focused their efforts on inviting new viewers to learn about the show and tune in to the miniseries with the hope of ensuring future adventures in the Farscape galaxy. With more than 20 regional groups each running their own individual campaigns, additional national efforts have included:

  • Printing 80,000 free promotional postcards to be distributed in bookstores in key markets across the country
  • Making the Farscape series available on DVD and VHS to more than 1500 public libraries nationwide
  • Placing a Farscape DVD box set in every Liberty Center and Single Sailor Center in the US Navy
  • Ongoing appearances at science fiction conventions throughout the US