March 10, 2008

“The Sam Plenty Cavalcade of Action Show Plus Singing” from The Jim Henson Company Debuts Online at

Hollywood, CA (March 10th, 2008) – The Jim Henson Company proudly presents “The Sam Plenty Cavalcade of Action Show Plus Singing”– a new online science fiction/adventure/comedy/musical live action series that can be found at From creators Paul Rugg (“Animaniacs”, “Pinky and The Brain”) and Mitch Schauer (“Bobby’s World”, “Garfield and Friends”), Sam Plenty blends old-time serial adventures with The Jim Henson Company’s unique brand of light-hearted and irreverent entertainment for the whole family. Audiences will also enjoy seeing long-time Henson puppeteers stepping in front of the camera to demonstrate their acting skills as members of the Sam Plenty troupe. The result is a wacky series of webisodes that explore the world of Underdoom, the gadgets of Queen Verbosa and musical skills of a modern-day singing cowboy, our own Sam Plenty.

“The Sam Plenty Cavalcade Of Action Show Plus Singing”, features several chapters of side-splitting fun which will kick off with the exciting story, “Sam Plenty In Underdoom.” Sam plays a former navy hero who takes over the family ranch after his father was killed by a mutant. But all is not well at Plenty Ranch. Sinister forces from beneath the center of the earth are bent on world domination and only Sam and his friends can stop them! Not only does each and every episode of “Sam Plenty In Underdoom” have thrills and chills, but the series also features two new original songs written by Sam himself.

“Wooo weeee,” says the legendary cowboy star. “I’m pleased as punch to be doing this here web thingy. There’s action and singing and ray guns and a whole bunch of invisible people. Folks are gonna want to come back again and again to see how I almost die.”