September 22, 2011

The Jim Henson Company Grants License to KnuckleBonz, Inc. to Produce
Limited Edition Collectibles from the Groundbreaking Film The Dark Crystal

September 22, 2011: KnuckleBonz announced they are currently in production on two sculpted collectibles created for fans of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal. KnuckleBonz is a collectible design studio known for its high-end, limited edition statues. Pre-orders for the The Dark Crystal statue are available at to reserve these incredibly detailed, limited edition collectibles.

“KnuckleBonz is known for their craftsmanship and for delivering high quality products. We know that our Dark Crystal fans will appreciate these limited edition offerings,” said Melissa Segal, Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products for The Jim Henson Company.

The company has produced a Dark Crystal “Jen and Kira” statue that depicts both of these main characters from the film together in one design. This will be created in 1/9 scale, making the collectible approximately 9” wide.

Another statue in production is a Dark Crystal “Jen with Crystal” design, which features the film’s main character on top of the famed crystal.

These collectibles are licensed and approved by The Jim Henson Company. Both figures are hand-painted, numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. Only 3000 of each statue will be created.

“It’s hard to imagine the level of production excellence that was achieved by The Jim Henson Company and their studios to create this film,” says Tony Simerman, President and Creative Director of KnuckleBonz, Inc. “Producing these single statues proved to be quite a challenge for us here; although, but we’ve been eager to face these challenges as long-time fans of the film. We hope we have captured some of the magic from The Dark Crystal with these scenes from the movie’s climax,” adds Simerman.

The Dark Crystal “Jen and Kira” Limited Edition Statue: The “Jen and Kira” statue depicts the two Gelflings as they appear together in a well known scene from the film. The two figures are displayed on an intricate base design.

Dark Crystal “Jen with Crystal” Limited Edition Statue: The “Jen with Crystal” statue shows Jen holding the crystal shard in hand on top of a translucent, resin crystal. The runes from the from the Dark Crystal chamber are etched directly into the base.

KnuckleBonz creates hi-end sculpture that features highly influential artists in the entertainment industry. The company started in 2003 with a series of collectibles focused on music. This is one of the first collectibles that moves the company into movie licensed collectibles. The company is widely recognized for its quality work and attention to detail in creating collectibles that represent iconic moments for each statue. KnuckleBonz creates officially licensed statues and has worked closely with The Jim Henson Company to ensure their approval throughout the production process.

Pricing and Availability
The Dark Crystal “Jen and Kira” and “Jen with Crystal” statues are currently in production; exact ship dates will be announced in the coming weeks at The SRP pricing is $149 USD for each statue. These are very exclusive, limited edition collectibles created by KnuckleBonz; only 3000 of each statue will be created. The Dark Crystal limited edition statues by KnuckleBonz can be reserved by pre-ordering now at The statues will also available through select retailers worldwide.


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About KnuckleBonz, Inc. KnuckleBonz, Inc. is a privately owned company, focused on the creation of high-end collectibles. Established in 2003, KnuckleBonz is committed to fine craftsmanship and the artistry of creating hand-crafted statues for music and film fans and collectors. KnuckleBonz developed the Rock Iconz® collectible series, a series of limited edition collectibles specifically created for rock music fans worldwide. In addition, KnuckleBonz produces collectibles that focus on film licenses as well. KnuckleBonz products are available to ship to customers worldwide via online at, as well as through international distribution and specialty retail.