February 21, 2006

FIRST TIME EVER ON DVD! The Ground-Breaking, Award-Winning, Thunderously Entertaining Show From Michael Jacobs Productions and Jim Henson Productions


The Complete First And Second Seasons Mega-Talented Cast and Guest Stars Plus Big Bonus Features

Add Up To A Four-Disc DVD Of Prehysteric Fun On May 2

Burbank, CA (January 25, 2006) – The critically acclaimed, award-winning comedy series from Michael Jacobs Productions and Jim Henson Productions, DINOSAURS THE COMPLETE FIRST AND SECOND SEASONS, is available for the first time ever on DVD May 2. One of the most-requested TV shows that fans have roared for on DVD, Dinosaurs is a comedy series set in 60,000,003 B.C., starring the Sinclairs, a hilarious family of very modern dinosaurs. Their comedic antics and continuing family relationships provide a humorous look at our own society today. The show features a talented vocal cast and big-time guest stars, and the four-disc DVD box set boasts exclusive bonus features including a never-before-seen look at the making of Dinosaurs. For fans of the show and new audiences, all the pre-hysterical fun of DINOSAURS THE COMPLETE FIRST AND SECOND SEASONS is ready to own on a four-disc DVD box set for $39.99 (S.R.P.).

Based on an idea by Jim Henson, Dinosaurs is a live-action series which employs Jim Henson Productions’ puppetry and audio animatronics from Henson’s fabled Creature Shop. Combined with smart writing and hilarious characters, Jim Henson Productions’ ground-breaking puppet technology created a show which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Art Direction (1991), the coveted Parents Choice Award for Television (1992), Parents Choice Gold Seal Award (1992), the Environmental Media Award (1991, 1993), Genesis Award (1991), the New York Film Festival Silver Medal for Family Programming Award (1992) and the Chicago International Film Festival Silver Hugo Award (1993).

Dinosaurs’ vocal cast features all-time TV favorites Sherman Helmsley (TV’s “The Jeffersons”) and Sally Struthers (TV’s “All In The Family”), with a guest star list that includes Jason Alexander, Michael Richards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (all of TV’s “Seinfeld” fame), Tim Curry (“Valiant”) and legendary comedian Buddy Hackett (“The Love Bug”).



This featurette is a never-before-seen look at how Jim Henson’s Creature Shop brought Dinosaurs to life.


Character Designer Kirk Thatcher takes viewers through his original designs for Dinosaurs.


Discover buried bonus clips, trivia facts, interviews and other lost goodies.

Dinosaurs chronicles the story of the highly-evolved and hysterically funny Sinclair family, who face typical family and contemporary issues with a hilarious Jurassic twist. Earl Sinclair (Stuart Pankin) is a bombastic, middle-aged Megalosaurus. A blue-collar dinosaur, Earl has worked as a tree pusher for 24 years. Fran (Jessica Walter) is Earl’s even-tempered Allosaurus wife. Their two adolescent children are Robbie (Jason Willinger), the 14-year-old with unconventional beliefs, and Charlene (Sally Struthers), the 12-year old, two-ton epitome of a material girl who never finishes talking or shopping. Completing the family are Baby (Kevin Clash), the attention-grabbing newborn, and Grandma Ethyl (Florence Stanley), Fran’s mother who opposes Earl on everything. They’re joined by Roy Hess (Sam McMurray), Earl’s best friend, co-worker and a confirmed bachelor Tyrannosaurus, and B.P. Richfield (Sherman Hemsley), Earl’s ferocious Triceratops boss.

Dinosaurs is a production of Michael Jacobs Productions and Jim Henson Productions in association with Walt Disney Television. Executive Producer Michael Jacobs, Co-Executive Producer Brian Henson, Supervising Producer Bob Young. Produced by Mark Brull, Co-Producer Jeff McCracken, Co-Producer Kirk R. Thatcher. Associate Producer Kim Rozenfeld.

Executive Producer Michael Jacobs offers his thoughts on Dinosaurs:

“Jim Henson had an idea about domesticated dinosaurs and his son Brian met with Bob Young and myself to see if a collaboration might result in finding out why dinosaurs finally became extinct. Was it a meteor? Was it the Ice Age? No. Those were trivial compared to what actually happened. We decided that it was getting married and having children that did them in!

Earl Sinclair married and settled down with his girlfriend, Fran. They decided to raise their children instead of eating them. Earl worked at the Wesayso Development Corporation as a tree-pusher. He earned a salary and dreamed that his kids would someday appreciate him. Or at least his new baby might call him something other than “Not The Mama.

This Emmy-Award winning show evolved into more than a program about parents and kids. It won multiple Environmental Media Awards and Parents Choice Awards and a Genesis Award among others, because it was able to explore important modern-day issues in the guise of appearing to be from another time. As the show evolved, its audience came to expect not only funny stories, but thought-provoking entertainment as well.

We had a great time making it. We hope everyone has a great time watching it on DVD.”

Street Date: May 2, 2006

Direct prebook: March 7, 2006

Distributor prebook: March 21, 2006

Suggested retail price: $39.99 (four disc DVD box set)

Rating: Not rated

Bonus materials not rated or subtitled

DVD aspect ratio: 1:33.1 formatted 4×3

Sound: Dolbyâ Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound

Languages: English audio

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