9/17/1982 – ‘Miss Piggy Special airs- ABC’

Described as an international superstar and living a glamorous life on both sides of the Atlantic, Miss Piggy certainly deserved her own television special, The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show.  The press materials breathlessly explained:

“Miss Piggy, the complete coquette, the diva divine, the terpsichorean delight – who would have made even a Nijinsky, not to mention Kermit the Frog, green with envy – catapulted from the chorus line of the Muppets to world renown in one fell swoop – a cover girl the world over. In The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show, the multi-talented superstar sings, dances and shares a love scene with guest star George Hamilton, enjoys the many talents of John Ritter and presents her own nightclub discovery, Tony Clifton. Clearly, Miss Piggy’s off-the-wall, irreverent brand of humor establishes her as the ultimate comedic performer.”

Despite the odd assortment of talent, audiences were not disappointed. Learn all about Miss Piggy’s fantastic special.

Miss Piggy arrives in The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show, 1982.

John Ritter as Miss Piggy in The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show, 1982.

Miss Piggy with George Hamilton and John Ritter, 1982.

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