2/15/1971 – ‘Goldie Hawn Special Air’

When Jim was writing proposals for holiday specials (i.e. The Muppet Halloween Show, The Muppet Income Tax Show, etc.) between 1969 and 1972, he suggested doing a Valentine Show with Goldie Hawn, no doubt a result of the fun they had together on her “Pure Goldie” special in 1971. In the end, when Jim was finally able to sell a Valentine special a couple years later, his human star was Mia Farrow.

Learn about Jim’s appearance on Goldie Hawn’s television special Pure Goldie.

The Goldie Hawn puppet used on her television special, 1971.

Kermit and Goldie, 1971.

Read more from Jim Henson’s Red Book in Imagination Illustrated: The Jim Henson Journal available from Chronicle Books.

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