12/1/1986 – ‘Royal Premier Labyrinth – UK – Party at Elephant on River – then to Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, Copenhagen’

While the Muppet team were no strangers to royalty, having performed for the Queen of England at the Royal Variety Show in 1977, a royal premiere is always exciting. Launching its European release, Labyrinth screened for the royal family on December 1, 1986. The attendance of Princess Diana added glitter to the event and got the media’s attention – her picture with Ludo appeared in newspapers across the UK.

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See footage of the Royal Premiere.

Ludo greets Princess Diana at the Labyrinth royal premiere with a delighted Jim looking on.

Dave Goelz, Richard Hunt, and Jerry Nelson meet Queen Elizabeth during the Royal Variety performance of The Muppets, 1977.

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