I am writing a report for school. Can you send me some information about Jim Henson and/or The Jim Henson Company?

Jim Henson, an extraordinary artist and visionary, invented unique worlds and characters that remain just as vivid, original and fresh today as when they were created. A television pioneer, an innovator in puppetry, technology and visual arts, and a performer who literally brought to life some of the most memorable characters ever—including the world's most famous frog, Kermit™—Jim Henson's impact on entertainment, education and culture continues to this day.

For additional information on Jim Henson, please visit the "Our Founders" page of the site. You can also read more about Jim Henson in Brian Jay Jone’s Jim Henson: A Biography, available at major retailers.

Where can I find older productions from The Jim Henson Company?

For past and current titles from The Jim Henson Company, please visit the “Productions” tab above.

If the title you’re searching for is not listed, it may not be available at this time. However, previous releases and used copies may be found on Amazon.com or Ebay.


How can I learn more about making puppets? How can I become a puppeteer?

There are many ways to make your own puppets and there are many resources available. Below are a couple of books to get you started:

There are no internships offered with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in puppeteering, puppet building, or animatronics at this time. Please visit our “Employment” page for information about openings and internships at The Jim Henson Company.

The requirements for working in the Creature Shop, or as a performer, mostly consist of a good deal of experience. If you have a résumé and a portfolio showing your body of work and would like to be considered, please visit our “Employment” page.


Where can I watch Fraggle Rock and/or Labyrinth?

The first three seasons of Fraggle Rock are currently available on hulu. Labyrinth has recently been re-released and remastered for Blu-ray and 4K with never before seen footage and interviews. These and most titles are available on Amazon.com and at most major retailers.

Please visit the “Productions” section above for additional information about current and past titles from The Jim Henson Company.

I love the Henson characters and would like to buy a real one that has been performed in a production. How do I do this?

For legal and copyright reasons we cannot lend, give away, rent, or sell characters made for and used in our productions. Our workshop spends many hours creating a single character and each one is produced for the sole purpose of being performed in one of our productions. These characters are constantly refurbished and recycled and those parts still considered useful are incorporated into the same or a new character — so there never really are any old or discarded characters.


Can I tour The Jim Henson Company and/or Jim Henson’s Creature Shop?

The Jim Henson Company and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop are currently not open to the public for tours. Due to our busy production schedule, we are unable to accommodate any tour requests at this time.

Sesame Street

I love watching Sesame Street and want to learn more about my favorite characters.

The Jim Henson Company created the original Sesame Street characters, including Bert & Ernie, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Big Bird, and many more. In 2001, the rights to these characters were sold to Sesame Workshop. Today, The Jim Henson Company provides the characters used on Sesame Street but the characters themselves are owned and run by Sesame Workshop.

Please direct any Sesame Street inquires to:
Sesame Street / Sesame Workshop
1 Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY 10023

The Muppets

I have a question about The Muppets.

The Jim Henson Company transferred the rights and ownership of The Muppets and Bear in the Big Blue House to The Walt Disney Company in 2004.

Please direct all Muppet inquires to:
The Walt Disney Company