Thank you for your interest in The Jim Henson Company! We are looking for hardworking team players who embody the creative and innovative spirit of our company. We enjoy working in a fun and relaxed environment. If you have a sense of humor and positive attitude, we would love to hear from you!

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Human Resources will contact you directly if there is interest in your qualifications. Please note submission materials cannot be returned. All submissions become property of The Jim Henson Company.

General Employment Positions

Job Title Department Location Posting Date Closing Date
Coordinator, Global Sales & Distribution Global Sales Los Angeles, CA August 28, 2019
Coordinator, Financial Operations & Business Affairs Financial Operations/Business Affairs Los Angeles, CA August 8, 2019

Jim Henson's Creature Shop Positions

Job Title Department Location Posting Date Closing Date
Sculptor Jim Henson's Creature Shop Burbank, CA June, 2016
Mechanic and Animatronics Specialist Jim Henson's Creature Shop Burbank, CA June, 2016
Digital Creature Shop Submissions Jim Henson's Creature Shop Hollywood, CA October 20, 2015
Designer Portfolio Submissions Jim Henson's Creature Shop Burbank, CA August 12, 2015


Thank you for your interest in an internship with The Jim Henson Company. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves to enhancing our company environment. We seek individuals who are organized, mature, and have a great sense of humor. You must have a positive attitude, desire to learn, and willingness to be flexible. This is a fun, relaxed place to work with a lot of creative energy and a good mix of hard work. You will see how our company functions from behind the scenes, and play a large role in contributing to our goals.

Please do not feel that you need to be a puppeteer, a puppet maker, or an arts and crafts buff to be considered for an internship. In fact, our internships are primarily in an office atmosphere located in our Los Angeles or New York offices. However, we welcome applicants with a special interest in the Company and its projects.

Interns must assume responsibility for their own transportation, living arrangements, etc.

Please note:
* We do NOT teach puppeteering, puppet making, mold making, sculpting, animatronic construction or foam latex construction.

Feel free to be creative with your application (although this is not necessary), but please maintain professionalism.

Internship Positions

Job Title Department Location Posting Date Closing Date
Creature Shop Business Development Intern Creature Shop Burbank, CA August, 2019
PR/Social Media Intern PR/Marketing Hollywood, CA January, 2019
Feature Film Internship Creative Affairs Hollywood, CA September, 2018


At the present time we do not have any openings for new performers. However, we are always happy to consider the work of practiced puppeteers who are new to us. If you're interested in contacting us, please send a brief 5–10 minute video, showing us your work with puppets and demonstrating a range of character voices. The video should be sent to:

The Jim Henson Company
3718 Northern Blvd, Suite 400
Long Island City, NY 11101-1636