January 20, 2011


“Weather Week” Episodes Explore Earthquakes, Forest Fires, Droughts and Hurricanes

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (January 20, 2012) – The PBS KIDS® EMMY®-nominated animated children’s series DINOSAUR TRAIN®, will premiere new episodes February 6-10, 2012 on PBS KIDS to educate preschoolers all about how earthquakes, forest fires, droughts and hurricanes affect animals and their habitats.

DINOSAUR TRAIN is an educational and inspiring preschool series that has been a prominent source of fostering early childhood development while entertaining millions of 3-6-year-olds since it premiered in 2009. The series’ mission is to introduce kids to paleontology and the natural sciences. The new “Weather Week” episodes have a special focus on extreme weather conditions and how these forces of nature affect different environments and the animals that live there. Viewers will also learn what action to take in the case of extreme weather and how to stay safe during a variety of different weather events.

Throughout the week of February 6-10, 2012 new storylines will follow Buddy and his Pteranodon family as they experience extreme weather conditions first hand (check local listings).

• “The Earthquake / Nursery Car”
Premieres Monday, February 6 and repeats on Friday February 10 The kids experience their first earthquake when Mom takes them on a playdate to see Tank Triceratops in the desert! Mom and the Conductor have prepared the kids with excellent advice about what to do in an earthquake so everyone does fine. Then the Dinosaur Train adds a Nursery Car to safely carry dinosaur eggs while their expectant moms and dads wait for them to hatch

• “The Forest Fire / The Lost Bird”
Premieres Tuesday, February 7 A forest fire comes to woods not far from the family nest. The Conductor takes them to visit a nearby area where a fire has already been, to see how new life is growing back. The Buddy and Tiny ride the Dinosaur Train for a playdate with their old friend Petey Peteinosaurus, and learn that the train has added a new Aviary Car, for their various flying passengers.

• “Dry Times at Pteranodon Terrace / Big Misty Sea Fishing Contest”
Premieres Wednesday, February 8 When the weather is extremely dry for several weeks, all the water holes at Pteranodon Terrace dry up! The family decides to camp out at the Big Pond, where they will wait out the drought and return home when it rains again. Then, Dad competes in the big annual Fishing Contest where he tries to catch Chester, the biggest fish in the Big Misty Sea.

• “Hurricane at Pteranodon Terrance / Rafting the Cretaceous”
Premieres Thursday, February 9 When a huge rainstorm over Pteranodon Terrace turns into a hurricane the family seeks shelter with their neighbors in a warm, dry cave. In the morning, the storm has passed, but everyone must pitch in to rebuild their nests. When they meet two new friends who crossed the sea in the storm, they help them get back home on the Dinosaur Train.

The Jim Henson Company is also encouraging DINOSAUR TRAIN fans to join the “Nature Trackers Club.” Kids and their parents can visit to download “Nature Trackers” activities and receive a free DINOSAUR TRAIN surprise to celebrate their achievement.

Craig Bartlett, Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford executive produce the new season. The Jim Henson Company oversees all ancillary exploitation of the property, including licensing and merchandising. PBS handles DVD distribution to consumer and education markets. DINOSAUR TRAIN is co-produced with Singapore animation company Sparky Animation, with the participation and assistance of the Singapore Media Development Authority. UK production and financial support is provided by Ingenious Media.

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