Pinocchio Feature Film | Currently in Production  Pinocchio, inspired by Gris Grimley’s imagery and set during the rise of Fascism in Mussolini’s Italy, is the retelling of the classic Carlo Collodi tale about a puppet who is magically brought to life. The film is a story of love and disobedience as Pinocchio struggles to live […]

The Portable Door

The Portable Door Feature Film | Currently in Production  Paul Carpenter (Patrick Gibson) and Sophie Pettingel (Sophie Wilde) are the lowly, put-upon interns who begin working at the mysterious London firm J.W. Wells & Co. and become steadily aware that their employers are anything but conventional. Charismatic villains Humphrey Wells (Christoph Waltz), the CEO of […]

The Star

The Star Feature Film | 1h 25m | Rated PG In Sony Pictures Animation’s The Star, a small but brave donkey named Bo yearns for a life beyond his daily grind at the village mill. One day he finds the courage to break free, and finally goes on the adventure of his dreams. On his […]

The Happytime Murders

THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS Film | Rated R The Happytime Murders is a filthy comedy set in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles where puppets and humans coexist. Two clashing detectives with a shared secret, one human (Melissa McCarthy) and one puppet, are forced to work together again to solve the brutal murders of the former cast […]

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY Feature Film | 1h 21m | Rated PG Disney’s heartwarming comedy will have your entire family laughing out loud. Based on the best-selling book, it follows the exploits of Alexander as he experiences the most terrible and horrible day of his young life and wonders if […]


MIRRORMASK Feature Film | 1h 52m | Rated PG This feature film tells the story of Helena, a fifteen-year-old girl working for her family circus, who finds herself on a strange journey into the Dark Lands, a fantastic landscape filled with giants, Monkeybirds, dangerous sphinxes and a host of characters who wear bizarre and unusual […]


LABYRINTH Feature Film | 1h 42m | Rated PG Frustrated with babysitting on yet another weekend night, Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), a teenager with an active imagination, summons the Goblins to take her baby stepbrother away. When little Toby actually disappears, Sarah must follow him into a fantastical world to rescue him from the Goblin King […]

The Dark Crystal

THE DARK CRYSTAL Feature Film | 1h 33m | Rated PG Travel back in time to the fantasy world of Thra. Jen and Kira, surviving members of the Gelfling tribe, set out to find the crystal’s missing shard and begin a dangerous journey that will bring them face to face with evil Skeksis and mysterious […]