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Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Journey to Goblin City
Now Open–9/3/2017 Center for Puppetry Arts
Atlanta, GA
Jim Henson's World
Ongoing Series Museum of the Moving Image
Astoria, NY
The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited
Opens 5/20/2017 Museum of Pop Culture
Seattle, WA

Celebrating 60 Years by the Numbers

  • 475 Episodes of animated television… …produced by The Jim Henson Company in the last 60 years. Includes titles like the Fraggle Rock animated series (1987), Dog City (1992) and Dinosaur Train (2009).
  • 375 Approximate number of puppets donated… …by the Henson family to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta as part of the new permanent Jim Henson Collection Gallery that opened on November 14, 2015. The donation also includes more than 100 costumes, props, and masks.
  • 350 Hands seen in… …the Shaft of Hands sequence from Labyrinth (1986). (Only 200 hands were foam while the rest belonged to puppeteers.)
  • 345 Number of times the expletive “frell”… …was said on science fiction favorite Farscape (1999–2003).
  • 237 Songs sung… …on Fraggle Rock (1983–1987).
  • 140 Territories around the world… …that have aired the Emmy® award-nominated preschool science series Sid the Science Kid (2008).
  • 120 Dog puppets built by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™… …in the last 60 years, including Sprocket from Fraggle Rock (1983), the Storyteller’s dog in The Storyteller (1987), and Princess from Henson Alternative’s No, You Shut Up!.
  • 106 Prehistoric creatures… …that Buddy the T-Rex has met on Dinosaur Train since the series launched in 2009.
  • 63 Emmy® wins.
  • 46 Television series produced… …by The Jim Henson Company since 1955.
  • 2 Academy Awards®… …presented to Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™.
  • 2 The height, in inches, of the smallest puppets®… …made by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™, the animatronic mice created for The Witches (1990).