Meet The String Doll Gang ®, a band of kooky characters that has been growing steadily since the initial 16 members made their North American debut with Kamibashi Asian Art in May of 2005.

Handmade in Thailand, each string doll is created from one piece of string and each has his or her own special power that is always positive and helpful. Roller skater String Blade, for example, gives you the power to jam past the pack, while space traveler Jetty Betty takes the fear out of the future.

The String Doll Gang dolls are a hot craze in the specialty market and are in over 1,000 US retail stores including museum shops, clothing stores, gift shops and bookstores.

There are currently over 40 original designs to choose from, many of which were featured in the NY Times Gift Guide this past holiday season as "the perfect gift to give."

The Jim Henson company has teamed up with Kamibashi and is acting as their exclusive worldwide licensing agency to extend the brand into new categories including larger sized dolls, apparel and accessories, stationery, room decor and mobile content and accessories.