I am writing a report for school. Can you send me some information about Jim Henson/The Jim Henson Company?

Please see our biography of Jim Henson.

Additionally, there are many unofficial internet sites with articles about Jim Henson and The Jim Henson Company. You may want to try your computer search engine and enter the topic you require for additional information. Here are a couple of websites to get you started:

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Muppet Central

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Finally, here a bibliography for Jim Henson and the Muppets:

I would like to see an older production from The Jim Henson Company. [Example: When "Saturday Night Live" first aired, there was occasionally a skit with the weirdest puppet creatures. They only aired a few times. Who were they and how can see these episodes?]

To see the current titles available from The Jim Henson Company please visit the "Family", "Fantasy / Sci-Fi", and "Henson Alternative" links in our Productions section. If the title you are searching for is not listed, it is most likely not available at this time. However, previous releases and used copies are sometimes found on sites like Ebay or Amazon.

[FYI - The alien planet featured intermittently on the "Saturday Night Live" was the world of Gorch. The king was Ploobis. His purple haired queen was Peuta. Other characters were Scred, Wiss, Vazh and The Mighty Favog. These were the first Henson characters endowed with glass taxidermy eyes instead of the "cartoon" eyes of all of their predecessors.]