Hans My Hedgehog

Hans, a hedgehog-boy, feels ostracized in his town so he runs away. Twenty years later, Hans helps a king lost in the woods find his way back to his kingdom. The king rewards Hans with the first thing that the king will see when he re-enters his kingdom. But when the first thing he sees turns out to be his beautiful daughter, will despair take hold or can love prevail?

The Heartless Giant

A young prince is tricked into helping a heartless giants escape fromo the king's dungeon. The evil giant unleashes teror across the land and those who go off to fight him never return. The young prince becomes the servant of the giant and tries to find where the giant's heart is hidden. But even if he were able to get the heart, can all be made right once more?

The Three Ravens

After using her powers to charm the widowed king into marrying her, an evil witch sees his children standing in the way of her power. She uncovers the childrenÕs secret hiding place and turns the three princes into ravens. The princess escapes, but only after seeing her stepmotherÕs evil magic. The ravens tell the princess she cannot speak a word for three years, three months and three days or they will remain forever as birds. But can the princess keep her promise of silence even in the face of death?

The True Bride

A girl who was adopted by an abusive troll finally is freed with the help of a white lion. When her betrothed does not return after a trip, the girl is grief-stricken to learn that the troll's sister had put a spell on him and plans to marry him. The white lion appears again and helps the girl by giving her three magical gifts. But how can she use them to convince her bewitched love that she is his true bride?

The Soldiers and Death

Returning from war, a young soldier trades his last biscuit for a magical sack... into which anything summoned will enter! Trapping devils and even death itself, the soldier brings peace to his country. But death soon proves a greater enemy captured than free!


Fearnot is a young man who is incapapble of feeling fear. He leaves his home and his true love to embark on a vast journey to experience the shudder of fear. No monster or creature that he meets, however horrible or terrifying, makes him afraid. It is only upon return that he learns that true fear exists in the places which are closest to us.

A Story Short

The storyteller recalls his days of servitude to the king for bamboozling the royal cook out of a free meal. A story a day was his punishment - or else he'll boil in the cook's cauldron of oil! All goes well until the final day... when he can't think of a story to save his life!

The Luck Child

Upon news of the birth of a Luck child - a peasant boy predicted by wise man to one day wear the crown - the cruel-hearted king seeks out the boy, pretending to take him under his terrible wing. Will luck indeed play a part in our hero's final destiny?


Upon fleeing her kingdom to escape an arranged marriage, the lovely Princess Sapsorrow toils in the kitchen of a faraway palace, disguised as an ugly hag. Her masquerade is no ball, as Sapsorrow has fallen in love with a prince, who sees her only as a peasant!