After losing her family in a Garthim attack, Kira, a Gelfling by birth, was taken in by the Podlings and has lived life being one with nature and appreciating its wondrous beauty. Accompanied by her pet and sidekick, Fizzgig, Kira's insatiable thirst for adventure is sparked when they stumble on Jen in the forest and learn of his mission to restore the Crystal and bring their world to its proper order once again.


Jen, a member of the Gelfling tribe, thought he was the only known survivor of the Garthim massacre. Jen lived most of his life in the valley of the Mystics, whose master assigned him the task of completing his dying wish to have the missing piece of the Dark Crystal restored, ending the evil rule of the Skeksis. Jen sets out on a remarkable journey where he meets Kira, a fellow Gelfling survivor who had spent her life among the woodland creatures and animals of the Podling world. With the missing piece of the crystal in hand, Jen, Kira and her pet Fizzgig, take on the evil Skeksis.

Mystics (UrRu)

The Mystics are spawns of the species UrSkeks and lost control of Thra in a tumultuous conflict with the Skeksis who also spawned from UrSkeks during the burning light emitted from the crystal during the last Great Conjunction. Aware of the prophecies about the Great Conjunction, the Mystics leader, UrSu charges Jen, the gelfling who has been living among them after his family was killed in a Garthim attack, with the responsibility of finding the missing piece of the now darkened crystal.


When prophecies revealed that the Skeksis tyranny would end when the missing shard of the Dark Crystal is one day found and restored by the Gelfling people, the evil Skeksis race took the Gelfling tribe by force. With the help of their tribe of Garthim warriors they manage to capture all but two survivors, Jen and Kira. The Skeksis placed several copies of the missing shard all over the mountain of Thra, in hopes that the Gelfling would never be able to restore the natural order of their world and the Skesksis rule would last for all eternity. The wicked Skeksis live off of the essence of others, which they try to obtain by capturing Kira until she is later rescued by Jen.


Aughra embodies all races, all genders, and is the very essence of the world of Thra itself. Aughra is wise and experienced enough to know the joy of the world before the takeover by the Skeksis race. Jen and Kira rely heavily on the knowledge of Aughra, and Aughra has relied heavily on them, hoping that as the only Gelfling survivors, they can help decipher the true shard from the duplicates scattered around the Castle by the Skeskis.


Loveable, courageous, and covered in hair, Fizzgig is a loyal sidekick and companion to heroes Jen and Kira. With his sharp teeth and intimidating growl, Fizzgig proves that even the smallest of creatures can have a big bite. He joins his friends on their journey into the castle and proves to be a great addition in the battle to bring natural order back to Thra.

Pod People

In the protected valley of the Pod People there was peace amongst the plants. There they thought only of laughter, food, and music and tended to all things that grew. They did not foresee the evils they would suffer from after The Division of Skeksis and urRu.


The Skeksis created the Garthim warriors from the memories of sea creatures in their first world. Powered by the light of the Dark Crystal, and led by skekUng the Garthim-Master, the Garthim are unbelievably strong. Their sole purpose is to annihilate all that crosses their path, causing the Gelflings and the Podlings to live in great fear.


The number one enemy of the Garthim, Landstriders are the most swift and fierce warriors working against the Skeksis race. With Jen and Kira riding on their backs up to the Skeksis Castle, the Landstriders use their agility and strength to ferociously attack the Garthim.


The UrSkeks, a race of 18 strong vastly intelligent beings from another world, came to Thra through a portal opened by the crystal during a previous Great Conjunction (the rare alignment of Thra's three suns that occurs every 1000 years). Under the impression that burning light given off by the crystal during the next Great Conjunction would cleanse them from inherent flaws, the UrSkeks set up an intricate network of mirrors to await the entering of the light. Their plan quickly backfired, resulting in a blast that would physically split their race into two separate species, the evil Skeksis, and the benevolent UrRu. The conflict between the two new tribes resulted in the breaking of the Crystal and the beginning of Skeksis rule.