Rugby is a plush tiger who is always up for an adventure. Since he is a new toy in the playroom, he is constantly looking to explore and find things out for himself, unfortunately this most often lands him into some sort of mischief.


Raisin is a rag doll and the quintessential tomboy. A natural competitor, she is always trying to one-up Rugby Tiger in the playroom. Raisin is determined to show the rest of the toys that she is now, and forever will be a favorite toy who can do anything.


Balthazar is a veteran of the playroom and a very wise teddy bear. He is a true leader and serves as a father-figure to the rest of the group. Balthazar often reminisces in the days of being a younger toy now that he doesn't see much time outside the playroom.


Mew, a mouse toy that belongs to the family cat, is Rugby's best friend. He is always setting out to prove himself as a real toy, not just a pet's toy. Mew is the perfect example that small toys can still be brave and daring.


Hortense is a rocking horse who carries the worries of the world on her shoulers. The more she worries, the more she rocks. Hortense is a long-time friend of Balthazar and remembers their earlier days in the playroom when they were both new toys.


Ditz, a clown, is forever getting mixed up and making the group laugh with his silly antics (like the time he found a blue puzzle piece and was convinced that the sky was falling apart). His ability to become easily confused often lands Ditz in some sort of dilemma as a result of the other toys' games.