Apollo, a purple and lime green dog, is the leader of the bunch. He loves everything to do with space and often imagines he's traveling through galaxies on his very own rocket ship. Apollo has a slight case of separation anxiety. Games like "Hide 'N Seek" can be stressful to him. He is the the happiest when the gang is all together. Bedtime is the hardest for Apollo. He is big on negotiating, he will do or say anything he can to prolong the bedtime routine, finding any excuse to stay up just... one... more... minute.


Cowbella, a pink, purple and white cow, is very neat and organized. She is also very well-mannered (as all European cows are, of course.) She loves elegance, as her bed sheets are made of the highest grass count and her towels are the finest Egyptian hay around. She loves to play dress-up and put bows on her horns (and on everyone else's ears to their great dismay).


Squacky is a very excitable blue and yellow duck. He's a little on the hyper side. Okay, A LOT on the hyper side. He loves to play practical jokes (playing Cat's Cradle on Cow Bella's horns is a favorite) and is often found bouncing off the walls (literally!). He likes to say things in rhyme and he makes up cute words to fit into his rhymes (even if they don't make any sense). He has a passion for reading - which is one of the only things that help him settle down.


Sweet Pea Sue is a pink and orange pony. She has a southern accent and tends to draw words out sometimes (i.e. "I was just thiiiiiiiiiiiinkin'"). Sweet Pea Sue loves the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. She is crazy for the outdoors. She is the quietest of the group. Unless someone attempts to break up her routine, then she can become a little on the loud side - otherwise she can be pretty shy, but is often the one to step up in the face of adversity - like flushing the ceramic monster for the first time! She is very hygienic and takes great care to brush her big, bucked teeth and wash her hooves before she goes to sleep.