Iver is the leader of the group and a natural mover and shaker. He is forever on a mission of productivity and has high hopes for the potential of his fellow Hoobs. Iver keeps the hoob-mobile on task as the Hoobs travel to different planets to answer their curiosities about each new place they visit. But don't let Iver's go-getter attitude fool you, he likes to have as much fun as any Hoob in Hoobland.


Tula's wild imagination is perfect for finding answers to put in the Hoobopaedia and interacting with Tiddlypeeps (also known as human children). Her fun-loving creativity shows how easy it can be to overcome any challenge if you just put your mind to it. Tula is the eternal optimist and the true nurturer of the group, always comforting Iver's worrisome personality and motivating Groove.


Groove likes to keep things laid-back and rolls with the punches. Although he likes to spend most of his time fiddling around and collecting things inside the Hoobmobile, nothing gets Groove more excited to learn than a visit with the Tiddlypeeps.


Roma is the traveling reporter who is responsible for bringing answers back to Iver, Tula, and Groove at the Hoob Mobile. She is forever exploring the planets that the Hoobs are inquiring about and takes her job very seriously. Roma's enthusiasm is overflowing and she has great fun learning about the lives of Tiddlypeeps and their world.


Hubba-Hubba is a parent-figure to the Hoobs and a permanent resident of Hoobland. Although he doesn't travel in the Hoobmobile, he communicates with The Hoobs and helps with their research for the Hoobopaedia, which he compiles and keeps safe. Hubba-Hubba is instrumental in providing the Hoobs with experiments and activities to help them in their explorations and encourages them to always exercise enthusiasm and of course, safety.


The Motorettes, made up of Tootle, Twang, and Timp are a musical trio who powers up the Hoobmobile with their songs. Their upbeat tunes also help the Hoobs while they're having Hobbie Think and sometimes even provide the Hoobs with their own answers! These sassy characters bring a spirit that the Hoobmobile that only an inspiring harmony can do.