series - (2008; 6 x 15' episodes)

"Frances" is a preschool series featuring the star of the classic Russell Hoban books "Bread and Jam for Frances" and "Bedtime for Frances". This precocious and high-spirited badger is brought to life through innovative, state of the art digital puppetry using the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, a groundbreaking technology which allows performers to puppeteer and voice digital characters in real time.

"Frances" is a celebration of the preschool spirit - with all its dramatic highs and lows. Like many young children, Frances is fun-loving, determined and highly imaginative, expressing herself through original poems and songs. In fact, each episode features two songs - about feelings ranging from pride in a new toy to frustration in having a baby sister, all invented and sung by Frances. Joining Frances in her daily adventures are her little sister, Gloria, her mom and dad, and her best friend Albert.