series: (1991-1993; 66 x 30' episodes)

Based on an idea by Jim Henson, Dinosaurs is a live-action series which features animatronics from the renowned Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Combined with smart writing and hilarious characters, the ground-breaking puppet technology created a show which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Art Direction (1991), the coveted Parents Choice Award for Television (1992), Parents Choice Gold Seal Award (1992), the Environmental Media Award (1991, 1993), Genesis Award (1991), the New York Film Festival Silver Medal for Family Programming Award (1992) and the Chicago International Film Festival Silver Hugo Award (1993).

"Dinosaurs" chronicles the story of the highly-evolved and hysterically funny Sinclair family, whose daily adven-tures may be the most comic in pre-history. Earl Sinclair is a bombastic, middle-aged Megalosaurus. A blue-collar dinosaur, Earl has worked as a tree pusher for 24 years. Fran is Earl's even-tempered Allosaurus wife. Their two adolescent children are Robbie, the 14-year-old with unconventional beliefs, and Charlene, the 12-year old, two-ton epitome of a material girl who never finishes talking or shopping. Completing the family are Baby, the attention-grabbing newborn, and Grandma Ethyl, Fran's mother who opposes Earl on everything. They're joined by Roy Hess, Earl's best friend, co-worker and a confirmed bachelor Tyrannosaurus, and B.P. Richfield, Earl's ferocious Tricera-tops boss.

Dinosaurs features the Academy-Award winning Henson Performance Control System. This technology allows a puppeteer to manipulate the animatronic servos and mechanisms of the character's face in real time while a second "suit performer" wears the large body of the dinosaur character and works in the actual set, manipulating props, physically interacting with other characters and executing the blocking of the scene. Working together, these two puppeteers deliver their character's performance. The dialogue is later re-recorded by a voice-over artist.

Dinosaurs is a production of Michael Jacobs Productions and Jim Henson Productions in association with Walt Disney Television. Executive Producer Michael Jacobs, Co-Executive Producer Brian Henson, Supervising Producer Bob Young. Produced by Mark Brull, Co-Producer Jeff McCracken, Co-Producer Kirk R. Thatcher. Associate Pro-ducer Kim Rozenfeld.