series: (1989; 13 x 30' episodes)

The Ghost of Faffner Hall, a series that celebrates and explores all forms of music and encourages view-ers to do the same, premiered on HBO in 1989. With segments that take place both in Faffner Hall, a large mansion built as a monument to music by its previous owner Fughetta Faffner, as well as on loca-tion with musicians of all types of music including classical, jazz and pop, the show features a cast of puppets with a unique look designed by artist Ron Mueck.

Fughetta's great-great-grandnephew Farkas, who hates music, has inherited Fughetta's house so she must try to foil his sinister plans for the conservatory with the help of her puppet friends, Mimi, Riff and the Wild Impresario as well as the human guest stars.

Fughetta Faffner - Louise Gold
Farkas Faffner - Mak Wilson
Wild Impresario - Richard Hunt
Mimi - Karen Prell
Riff - Mike Quinn