The true story of Gertrude "Trudy" Lintz, an eccentric socialite (Renee Russo) in the 1920s likened to a modern-day Noah. On her New York estate, she, her physician husband Bill and her assistant Dick care for an extensive menagerie. Adding to the fun are her four chimpanzees that she treats as her children; their clothes are tailor-made at Bergdorf Goodman; she teaches them table manners, how to mix martinis, do light housework and say their prayers. But her gorilla, Buddy is her favorite child. When she first sees him, he is a sickly baby gorilla. But Trudy opens her home and her heart to him, and raises him as if he was her own... and, for a time, he is. Still, Buddy inevitably grows up, and can't fit into the human world he lives in and Trudy has to make the toughest decision a mother can face-but can she let him go?

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