Bobby Vegan ("Bobby", Tinseltown)

Bobby was born to be an entertainer. His sharp wit, timing and comedic instincts quickly launched him to stardom at a very early age. Back in 1985, at the age of twenty-one, he became America's favorite supporting actor as Robere on the hit sitcom "The Other White Meat".

Since then, Bobby has played important roles in several high profile pilots, "Robere's in the House" and "Oh Robere!" which unfortunately, were not picked up to go to series. But his time was never wasted for he also performed many memorable walk-on roles in acclaimed cable shows including "Yo Yo Here We Go", "Here We Come!" and "Bellies Up." Two of these roles were extended to a second episode!

In between engagements, Bobby loves to host important charity fundraising events. (Interested parties should contact his manager.)

Bobby lives in West Hollywood with his life partner and manager, Samson Knight. Together they are raising Foster, their thirteen-year-old foster son. Of love and life in Tinseltown, Bobby says, "Life is wonderful. I'm still in love. I'm a Daddy. What more could I ask for?...Oooh! A private jet!"

Samson Knight (Producer & "Samson", Tinseltown)

Samson arrived in Los Angeles as a young bull in the late 1970's. Having graduated early from the MIT Genetic Research program, he headed out west determined to turn his life in a new direction...Show Biz!

After a brief stint in radio, he met Bobby Vegan and was simply wowed by his talent. Remembering their first meeting, Samson says "Bobby changed my life. He's really spectacular! Well, not just spectacular...he's fantastic. I can't put it into words...He's Spantacular!" Samson had a vision for Bobby Vegan, and within a few months Samson signed on as Bobby's manager.

History will always remember Bobby Vegan's premier in "The Other White Meat", but Bobby credits Samson with his success on the show saying "If it hadn't been for Sammy, I'd still be selling hot links at Dodger games."

After twenty years, theirs is still a partnership bound for bright lights.

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